Friday, October 15, 2010

Streets of Sevilla

When we first began exploring the streets of Seville, it was obvious we weren't in Portugal any more. There were similar european quirks, but we no longer had that familiar feeling of being surrounded by Portuguese. Still, Seville is a very charming city.

Neighborhood of Triana, across the river from the center:

I never get tired of trying new treats. Many of the treats look like something you would find back home, but the taste is completely different!

I noticed in Seville, and since then, Madrid, that many vendors sell scratch off lottery tickets on the street. The locals collect their winnings at lottery offices around the city.

Young girl waiting for her mom to buy some lottery tickets:

The strangest thing about Seville was the siesta. We had no idea how seriously they take their nap time there. From 2pm-5pm the entire city shuts down. My parents and I could not get used to it! We would walk around at a perfectly normal time of day, but all the shops were closed. Forget about getting dinner. Dinner doesn't start until about 8, so hopefully lunch was satisfying enough to last you a while.

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