Thursday, June 30, 2011

Theater-It Runs in the Family

I have never seen so much theatrical talent packed into one family! Sisters Christina, Mallory and Meredith wanted headshots for auditions plus some fun portraits. I split them up into two shoots and we had a blast.

Christina, 10, is just starting to become involved with theater and is a riot to photograph. She is not afraid to let loose and have a ton of fun. She also has a sassy side that we captured very well in her theatrical headshot.

Mallory, 11, sings like there is no tomorrow. In addition to her headshots and fun portraits, she sang with a mic so we could capture some promotional photos for her youtube page.

After we were done with headshots and individual portraits, I sent Mallory and Christina running into the yard for photos together. It was perfection, endless smiles and laughter.

A few weeks later, it was time for Meredith's headshot and senior portrait shoot. Not only was a gorgeous model, she pulled out some great moves for the dance portion of her shoot.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Senior Portraits-Olivia

Olivia came to me for senior portraits after being unimpressed by the typical senior portraits taken in a shoot for her school. She wanted more range and personality in her photos, so we worked together to capture a beautiful set of portraits to send out with her sorority applications.

Olivia was incredibly sweet and also stunning on camera. As a soon to be Fashion Merchandising and Marketing major at TCU, she brought many great looks to play with.

We started the shoot outside my studio for simple, relaxed portraits using natural light. Her adorable dress happened to match some flowers blooming in front of my studio. We were lucky to do this shoot before Houston's summer heat really set in.

In the studio, we added a little more drama with controlled lighting and fun jewelry.

This summer I have developed a slight obsession with bubbles, so at the end of the shoot we took a bubble machine outside and played. It was a great way to finish the day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Andrea and Stephen: Engaged!

Shuffling back and forth from Houston to Austin has kept me very busy! During one of my trips to Austin, I took a detour to Georgetown, Tx, to photograph Andrea and Stephen. They both attended my alma mater, Southwestern University, so we all felt at home shooting their engagement photos in the Georgetown square and San Gabriel Park.

Stephen proposed to Andrea on a romantic evening walk in front of the Williamson County Courthouse, the perfect location to begin the morning.

We stepped into Sweet Serendipity, an adorable shop across from the Courthouse, for more portraits.

Our morning ended at San Gabriel Park. The rich greenery was very inspiring and matched Andrea's unique engagement ring.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mother's Day Delights

I am back in Austin this week for more portrait work and finally have a moment to share more photos from last month's visit to Austin. Last time I was here, it was very close to Mother's Day Weekend. I arranged to photograph Samantha and Ellie as a surprise for their mom, and it ended up being an incredibly fun day.

Spending the morning at Zilker Botanical Gardens felt like being transported into a fairytale! The girls were lively and a joy to work with.

Samantha was a brilliant model, a natural in front of the camera. As she skipped around the park, she cheerfully hummed classical music that I recognized from the days when I used to play violin.

I was glad she brought her violin so that I could capture her joy for music on camera. When I asked her to play for me, she picked up the violin without hesitation and played an entire piece. Her adorable pink dress, made by her Nana, added the perfect final touch to her musical portrait.

It was soon time to let baby Ellie have a turn on camera. Her big blue eyes sparkled with personality that was absolutely captivating to photograph.

We were pretty worn out after our outdoor shoot, so we took a long break for lunch and met again in the afternoon for studio photos. With renewed energy, we added a lot of variety to the shoot with my portable studio.

After the shoot, I designed am 8x8 photo book to feature their favorites photos. Feel free to flip through the book by clicking on the page.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Countdown to the Wedding

My fabulous cousin Mary and her fiancé, Clint, are getting married in less than a month! They've been engaged for quite a while, so I was glad I finally had a chance to shoot engagement photos for them. A park near my home studio provided a gorgeous background for a relaxed afternoon of laughs and photography.

We went back to my home studio and I took some closeups of her beautiful ring.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Senior Portraits: A Little Bit of Everything

I will never get tired of shooting senior portraits! Each photoshoot gives me an exciting new opportunity to push outside the senior portrait box. Stephanie was overflowing with ideas for her shoot. She dove into each concept with enthusiasm and pulled off some of the most contrasting looks I have ever managed to fit into one shoot.

Photoshoots like this get really messy, so we began with the simplest concepts. The evening light was perfect for capturing Stephanie in the natural settings around my studio.

Stephanie passionately supports a number of important causes, including the NOH8 campaign. Hers is now one of over 13,000 faces to support NOH8's message of equality.

I have begun to dabble in 50s inspired glamour looks which Stephanie happened to love. Her prom dress was perfect for the look, and I got to practice doing hair and makeup.

After feeling glamorous, it was time to get a little messy. Stephanie wanted to work with sparklers, so we decided to incorporate them in to a more edgy look. I was glad we pulled this off without catching the studio on fire!

The grand finale made the most brilliant mess of all! I had the honor of dumping paint all over Stephanie's head for her last look which she completely let loose for. I have the best job in the world.