Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tia Arminda turns 100!

This is my Tia Arminda, my mother's father's sister, and today is her 100th birthday! When asked how she felt about being 100 she responded "no no, that's too old!" When asked how old she really is she replied "50!"

When I visited her during my trip to Brazil in 2011, I doubted she really remembered who I was. We chatted and I showed her photos from my travels and after a bit, she stood up and disappeared into her room. She returned with a handful of old photos of us together. I was totally floored that she not only knew exactly who I was, she had also saved so many photos from past visits.

Another gem she dug up was her marriage license from 1937!

During this visit she joked with me saying "I'm the shortest person in our family, so you are the tallest!"

I didn't get to go to her birthday party, but both my parent's did. She looks as fabulous as her cake!

Feliz Aniversario Tia Arminda, votos de muita saude.