Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back to Reykjavik, Glacier Lagoon

The last day of my road trip, I made my way back to Reykjavik. Before coming to Iceland, I saw many photos of broken down old barns and farm equipment against the Icelandic landscape. I wanted to get some of my own, so I looked out for cool old barns. I finally came to this abandoned farm on the last day of my ring road trip. There was no fence, so I got to explore all around the location.

The landscape became even more exciting as I passed Vatnajökull. My favorite part of the drive was my stop at the Glacier Lagoon. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. How cool would it have been to have a model on this location?!

As I passed through Vik, an enormous storm started. The rain fell so hard that I could only see a couple of yards ahead of me. The rain cleared up as I passed Seljalandsfoss, revealing an incredible sky. The wind was so crazy that climbing around the waterfall almost completely soaked me, but it was definitely worth it. My weatherproof coat helped me shield my camera in between shots. The red color came from a bright red light that lights the fall at night.

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ml said...

Here's a story for you. In 1930, Ansel Adams had been training to become a concert pianist while considering a career as a photographer. He decided, after seeing the photographs by Paul Strand, that "the camera, not the piano, would shape his destiny." His mother and aunt both pleaded, "Please, don't give up the piano! The camera cannot express the human soul!" To which Adams replied, "Yes, the camera cannot, but the photographer can."
Claire, as light, wind, rain and clouds danced before your camera, you were privileged into the Soul of a people in Iceland who exist beyond time, forever engraved in the memory of its supernatural landscape.