Friday, June 24, 2011

Senior Portraits-Olivia

Olivia came to me for senior portraits after being unimpressed by the typical senior portraits taken in a shoot for her school. She wanted more range and personality in her photos, so we worked together to capture a beautiful set of portraits to send out with her sorority applications.

Olivia was incredibly sweet and also stunning on camera. As a soon to be Fashion Merchandising and Marketing major at TCU, she brought many great looks to play with.

We started the shoot outside my studio for simple, relaxed portraits using natural light. Her adorable dress happened to match some flowers blooming in front of my studio. We were lucky to do this shoot before Houston's summer heat really set in.

In the studio, we added a little more drama with controlled lighting and fun jewelry.

This summer I have developed a slight obsession with bubbles, so at the end of the shoot we took a bubble machine outside and played. It was a great way to finish the day!

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