Friday, June 3, 2011

Senior Portraits: A Little Bit of Everything

I will never get tired of shooting senior portraits! Each photoshoot gives me an exciting new opportunity to push outside the senior portrait box. Stephanie was overflowing with ideas for her shoot. She dove into each concept with enthusiasm and pulled off some of the most contrasting looks I have ever managed to fit into one shoot.

Photoshoots like this get really messy, so we began with the simplest concepts. The evening light was perfect for capturing Stephanie in the natural settings around my studio.

Stephanie passionately supports a number of important causes, including the NOH8 campaign. Hers is now one of over 13,000 faces to support NOH8's message of equality.

I have begun to dabble in 50s inspired glamour looks which Stephanie happened to love. Her prom dress was perfect for the look, and I got to practice doing hair and makeup.

After feeling glamorous, it was time to get a little messy. Stephanie wanted to work with sparklers, so we decided to incorporate them in to a more edgy look. I was glad we pulled this off without catching the studio on fire!

The grand finale made the most brilliant mess of all! I had the honor of dumping paint all over Stephanie's head for her last look which she completely let loose for. I have the best job in the world.


Anonymous said...

oh mi gosh, totally awesome - great subject and great work!

alice muessig said...

WOW. You did it again. Beautiful, edgy, creative, nostalgic. What a package! You and Stephanie are a great team!