Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunrise over the Atlantic

Today we traveled for over twelve hours straight.

Around 7am Portugal time (1am my brain time) I woke up on the plane to the most incredible sunrise I've ever seen. I can honestly say that I have never seen colors in nature this deep and vibrant with my own eyes. On camera it is easy to deepen the exposure to exaggerate nature's colors a bit, but there was absolutely no need here. My good cameras were in an overhead bin that was far from where I was sitting, so for about 20 minutes I was content taking snapshots with my point and shoot.

The longer I watched the sun come up the more I was itching to pull out my fisheye lens. Finally I sucked it up, monkey climbed over my mom and dad and went to the end of the airplane to get my good camera.

Since we were flying at 500 miles an hour towards the sunrise, it went by really quickly. Here is our first view of the coast:

It is obvious from the air that this city is going to be absolutely adorable.


Fátima said...

Hi guys!
I´m gonna travel with you through the pictures.


Karen Gekker said...

The pictures are great!
Waiting for more.
Have fun

Tiffany Chen said...

I've seen a sunset similar to yours and it was amazing! i know how you felt. i open my window and BAM there it is. I'm glad your taking photos. i miss you!