Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mykonos, Greece

I came to Greece for a bit of an escape. Even though this is the shortest and simplest international trip I've done so far, I've never felt so unprepared. Thankfully I'm not alone in my travels. Justin from Justin Black Photography took care of all the planning and we've been doing a great job keeping each other alive and happy. He forgot spare batteries but brought a charger, I forgot a battery charger but remembered extra it works out well!

The flight to Greece took us through Toronto and Athens before finally landing on the island of Mykonos 24 hours later. To the right is a map of the Cyclades Islands which are a gorgeous and popular vacation spot in Greece.

When I arrived in Mykonos I was so exhausted that I forgot my laptop and tablet on the little plane. The official at the airport counter leaned back in his chair, put his hands behind his head and said in a heavy accent, "Oohhh, no computer huh? Well that's a problem for you isn't it?" Then came an explosion of hearty laughter as he pretended that my laptop was gone forever. Thankfully they rescued it and I was able to escape to the hotel for a nap.

The city was crowded with sunkissed young people and an overall lack of urgency hung in the air. The city had the vibe of a carefully manicured resort which was heavenly at sunrise but hell when giant cruise ships dumped thousands obnoxious tourists onto the beach and crowded maze of tiny streets. I spent hours getting lost in the city, walking up the mountains away from tourists and closer to local homes accented with chickens and bleating goats. The water shined bright blue and turquoise, an indication of the crystal clear wonderland underneath it's surface. I will save all of the Greece underwater photography for one big, watery blog, so keep a lookout for that soon! Until then, I hope you enjoy exploring the Mykonos sunrise, sunset and everything in between.

I don't normally review the hotels I stay in, but the Hotel Tagoo is too irresistable to not mention. The price was one of the lowest in Mykonos but they stil provided a beautiful breakfast and just look at it! The trick is it requires a 10-15 minute walk to get into town. The hill is steep but the workout was totally worth it.


Lucas Medina said...

A great job, I've already been there and I can say that your pictures really represent this nice place! Congrats

Eleni Kotzabassis said...

Holy cow! You're amazing!