Friday, July 20, 2012

For the Love of Disney- Natalie's Senior Portraits

When Natalie arrived at my studio, I felt like we already knew each other! We focused on her love of flowers and Disney movies (particularly Lady and the Tramp) for inspiration. The more we worked together, the more we managed to find little hints of Disney in her photos.

We began the shoot capturing classic portraits and even collected some flowers on the way.

We couldn't help but notice the hints of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in this shot:

Natalie is a gorgeous dancer, so I was glad she brought her pointe shoes with her. I even got a chance to test my new fog machine. 

Just a touch of Little Mermaid: 

When Natalie first told me her favorite movie was Lady and the Tramp, this was the shot that immediately popped into my head. Our goal was to capture the twinkling, romantic setting of the famous spaghetti scene in the movie. I thought the setting suited her perfectly.

Whenever I get a client as adventurous as Natalie, I like to do something really out of the ordinary (usually involving water). We ended up going out to her house to use her pool. 

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