Sunday, May 6, 2012

Violinist's Senior Portraits

Carson and I did our first photoshoot together several years ago in my garage studio and I was immediately struck by her connection to her instrument. She treats her violin like it's her best friend, holding it with tenderness that translates beautifully on camera. Carson put a lot of preparation into her senior portrait shoot and it really showed. She pulled a huge range of inspirational images that gave us a ton of ideas and the clothing she brought expressed her style beautifully.

We had a little déjà vu moment, she's grown up so much!

Carson insisted that she is not a dancer, but have you ever seen a more graceful violinist?

Carson's adorable Mini Cooper modeled for us a bit as well, what a cute car!

After several hours of shooting we were both exhausted and a little out of it. When it came time to pack up I couldn't help throwing in something a little crazy. It started with giving her a fro and then moved on to adding some crazy makeup and ended up with this craziness:

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Tiffany said...

Claire these are awesome! PSH She is not a dancer?! Yea right, look at those pointed feet. I love these!