Thursday, April 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes- 1 Light Beauty Shoot

I am currently in Boston with my best friend/muse Tiffany who has been featured in some of my favorite work of all time. Every time we get together we make something awesome happen. Here is a snippet of our photo history:

Around 10:30pm we got up off the couch and went a little photo crazy. I've pulled inspiration from photographers' behind the scenes videos for years now, so I'm excited that I finally took the time to make my own. I was away from my studio, so we had to make a lot happen with very little equipment. The shoot was hilariously fun and I hope you enjoy the results as much as we do.

Canon 430 EXII, Cactus trigger, Canon 5D Mark II, 135mm 2.0L lens, Olive Oil, Flour

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Anonymous said...

Tiffany you're awesome! Claire, Thanks for sharing this "behind the scene" way of making Art with us. What a great partnership. Congratulations to you both. ml