Friday, March 23, 2012

Maggie & Ryan: A San Antonio Wedding

For me, the magic of wedding photography is that so much love is packed into each moment. I was honored to be behind the camera capturing those moments for Maggie and Ryan's wedding this month. From their traditional ceremony at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Universal City to their elegant reception at the Woman's Club of San Antonio, the day was packed with love and joy.

There wasn't time for portraits before the ceremony, but I did have time to hang with the bride and groom separately as they got ready.

The altar was a gorgeous backdrop for the formal family portraits. This is just one of many portraits we took after the wedding.

At The Woodward House (The Woman's Club of San Antonio) I stole the bride and groom for a couple of minutes for their portraits.

After they cut the cake, Maggie declared that absolutely no cake would contact her face. Thanks to her ninja moves, she was correct.

There wasn't a dance floor, but Maggie and Ryan didn't let that stop them from having a first dance.

Near the end of the night we took a few minutes for some sunset portraits.

One of the last goals of the night was to get some unique portraits with the bridal party (there wasn't time before the ceremony.) 

The guests tossed lavender as the bride and groom made their final exit.

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